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SAP Training & Certification eCommerce Shop

I worked on SAP as a senior designer in a team of strategists and developers for a global eCommerce Shop. This was a responsive web project.

The challenge that SAP faced was that their previous eCommerce platform didn’t feel like a shop. This alienated a lot of users; primarily senior HR members of staff buying training for their employees. After some initial persona based user research the brief was to create a shop that was reflecting of a general eCommerce visual vocabulary. Although that sounds pretty simple it was a huge task to get the stakeholders on board for this approach.

Tangent, 2014-15

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The concept of ‘product’ didn’t exist for SAP, each course could have multiple permutations and combinations. Once a product approach was established we created a visual system for each with the ‘product image’ that indicated the name, code, duration and delivery method. From that point onward it was a task to put a eCommerce lens on everything. Instead of ‘call a representative to book a course’ we just introduced a basket. And so on and so forth. Every aspect of this had a huge domino effect on the web development side. But we got there in the end.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most complex to get through 🤓

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