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Bentley Motors


Bentley Motors Merchandise eShop

Bentley was a VML client who had asked to create a scope for revamping their merchandise eShop. This was essentially a pitch effort. I worked in a team of senior planner and senior UX designer. The brief was pretty simple from a functional point of view which was to create an eCommerce shop design that will work with white-label solutions like Shopify or Magento.

The challenge was to move slightly away from Bentley’s current online look & feel and create a design that doesn't look like a template. Interaction design played a key role in getting the stakeholders onboard with this approach.

VML (now VMLY&R), 2016

Bentley Merchandise Shop.png
Bentley Merchandise Shop Product.gif
Bentley Merchandise Shop 1.png

Bentley My Cars

This was the second project I worked on at VMLY&R.

The brief was to create a dedicated online dashboard for Bentley owners. The business requirements were to have a service booking system, a one-to-one messaging system between owners and Bentley Dealers, Subscription management system and a notification centre. This was a responsive web project.

I worked as the lead UI designer with the lead UX designer. For the first part of the project we worked collaboratively to create wireframes at all breakpoints then onwards I focussed on the visual design. Bentley didn’t have any online brand guidelines so I created one for this project. The goal was to make it look functional first then premium.

Bentley My Cars Web App 1.png