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Goodprint Rebrand and web experience

Goodprint was an online only Print-on-demand platform acquired by Tangent. They wanted to re-position the brand to sit in between moo and vistaprint.

I worked on this project as a senior designer with the team consisting of UX designer, planner and senior stakeholders such as head of brand and CEO. Close collaboration was a key to deliver this. We were working against a tight deadline to not only deliver the new brand but also the new website with new look & feel.

Goodprint, 2015

Goodprint Branding.png
Google Tre
Goodprint Branding Competitor matrix.png

I approached this project with the branding framework. After the initial market research we established where exactly the brand should be sitting in terms of positioning as well as the brand values. Once this was presented to stakeholders we moved on to establishing the brand territories. For this I conducted a one day workshop with senior stakeholders. The outcome was four brand territories that were then taken forward to develop visually as ‘routes’.

Two territories were selected to develop visual routes. Territory 1 with the tagline ‘The Goodprint Difference’ and Territory 2 with the tagline ‘ Print for Everyone’.

After presenting the two routes to stakeholders, the second route was selected to further develop into a a visual identity for the website.

Goodprint Branding Brand Values.png
Goodprint Branding Brand Territories.png

Route 1
The Goodprint difference.

Goodprint Branding Route 1.png
Goodprint Branding Route 1 Logo.png

Route 2
Print for everyone

Goodprint Branding Route 2.png
Goodprint Branding Route 2 Proposition 3.png
Goodprint Branding Route 2 Logo.png
Goodprint Branding Route 2 Proposition 4.png
Goodprint Branding Route 2 Proposition 2.png

Applying the second route to create final design

Due to the highly photographic nature of the selected route we had to create a bank of images that would work with the tone of the brand. I worked with the photographer to art direct the shoot to get the right human centric images. These were then used on the website and other offline media.

The second part of the whole task was to create a visual design system for the website based on the same look & feel and brand.

Goodprint Branding Photography.png
Goodprint Branding Photography 2.png
Goodprint Branding Edit Template.png
Goodprint Branding Styleguide.png